Hello! I'm an illustrator and graphic designer.
Sometimes I sew, knit or felt toys and make dolls.
I like to travel and draw northern nature.





Listen to silence

Listen to silence

Arctic treasure

Arctic treasure

Polar day

Polar day

Illustrations for textbook of german language

Textbook illustrations

Watercolor tulip


Spitsbergen travel book

A book "Spitsbergen"

Covers for social media pages

Covers for social media pages

School alphabet cards

School alphabet cards

Knowledge day greeting card

Knowledge day greeting card

Green fern watercolor illustration

Fern leaves with aegopodium flowers

Ink drawn illustration of hedgehog with apples


Seagulls near the sea


Oak leaves watercolor illustration

Oak leaves

Leporello endless book first page

Endless book

Barn owl illustration

Barn owl

Armadillo illustration


Church in Rabocheostrovsk ink illustration


Ranunculos bouquet illustration

Ranunculos flowers

Summer in Palanga pastel illustration

Baltic coast

Ink portrait of a girl

Portrait of a girl

Watercolor illustration. Park near Tarragona

Park near Tarragona

Pastel drawn bouquet of daffodils


Graphic design

Brochure cover

Brochure covers

Book cover «Тени улицы Щипок»

Book cover

Book cover «Секреты рекламных текстов»

Book cover

Book cover «Новый словарь методических терминов и понятий»

Book cover

Book cover «Слагаемые качества образования»

Book cover

Book cover «Феноменология творчества»

Book cover

Book cover «Справочный материал для начинающего эколога»

Book cover

Pocket calendar design


Flyer design


Hand made

House for a plant

House for a plant

Ball joint doll portrait


Felted totoro


Textile dog

Yellow dog

Felted composition. Mushrooms.

Mushroom world

Small textile doll

Russian traditional doll

White knitted seal


Felted wool dog in waistcoat


Felted black cat. Brooch.

Black cat

Knitted owl and cat amigurumi

Owl and cat

Felted kokesi girl

Kokesi doll

Knitted amigurumi panda


Old man. Embroidered charm.

Old man

Calligraphy and linocut

New year greeting card

New year greeting card

Greeting card with cock

New year greeting card with cock

Greeting card

New year greeting card


Composition 1

Book with exercises

Calligraphic exercises



I'm russian illustrator & graphic designer living in Moscow. Mostly I like to work in watercolor, ink and pastel, but I also try new materials and techniques.
Education: School of art in Moscow; Moscow institute of radio engineering, electronics and automation (Technical university), Faculty of Automatization of Management; Short courses of illustration in British Higher School of Art and Design; Calligraphy and magazine illustration courses in Bratec Lis school; courses of watercolor, ink and book illustration with private teacher.
Clients: Publishing house "Ikar", Publishing house "Pervoe sentyabrya", different universities of Moscow, Collie kennel "Denfris & Fridens", Magazine "Russky vestnik Spitsbergena".
Publications: an interview about my art in a blog spectredart.com, an interview about my art in a printshop pinkbus.ru.

Where to buy
Here you can find some things with my illustrations


Fern pattern Birds pattern
Sloth Coffee leaves pattern


Mug with fern and forest growth sticker Ural owl pillow
Brave sailor print Mug with berries, mushrooms and plants pattern